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In this new kind of interview show, Randy Cohen talks to guests about a person, a place, and a thing they feel strongly about. The result: some great talkers tell stories they never have before. Visit

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Jul 27, 2019

In 2008, he shared the Nobel prize in chemistry for his work with green fluorescent protein. Its best known application? “It’s the reason they give in the movie for why Bruce Banner, when he gets angry, turns into the Hulk and becomes green.” Is it any wonder he’s proud? An episode from our vault, recut,...

Jul 20, 2019

Raised in the lovely winding streets of Greenwich Village, the architecture critic for the Times also admires the city’s street grid: “New York makes itself so comprehensible and available to people, partly through the grid.” Urban design as a force for democracy. A conversation at the Center for Architecture with...

Jul 14, 2019

Perhaps best known for his work on the September 11 Museum, he is a partner at Davis Brody Bond, architects of record for the new Irish Arts Center, currently under construction. We spoke around the corner at the old Irish Arts Center – the one with a roof and walls and floors. Music: Caitlin Warbelow.

Jul 6, 2019

As a college kid in 1964, he went to Mississippi for Freedom Summer.  Later he began working with the Bard Prison Initiative, and he’s now a dean at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health. In a sense, his work remains the same: the pursuit of of social justice. Music from Piedmont Bluz.